Fun and Creative Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts for Kids

'Tis the seasonIf you’ve ever watched a child open up a present before, then you know that it can be just a lot of fun to witness. That’s because kids have the tendency to enjoy the wrapping almost as much as the present itself.

However, if this holiday season, you’d like to forego the traditional wrapping methods (such as plain wrapping paper or gift bag), this is a great article for you to check out. That’s because it’s going to provide you with five fun and creative ways to wrap up holiday gifts for kids.

Stencil their name on the package. Since most children have the hardest time sleeping on Christmas Eve because they can’t wait to see what Santa left them, make it easier on them the next morning to find their own presents by stenciling their names onto the front of their gift. One website that can show you how to do it is Just go to the site and put “fun with fonts” in the search field. Or, you can go an easier route by picking up some rubber foam letters, spelling out the child’s name and putting it onto their package.

Add some candy to it. If ever there was a time of year when sweets were in abundance, it would be over the holiday season. So, why not make their gift a tasty delight by adding some candy to it? All you basically need is to wrap up the gift with a solid sheet of wrapping paper. Then, tape some candy buttons or some candy canes on top.

Try a few snowflakes. As a child, did you ever cut out snowflakes from pieces of paper? Wasn’t it awesome to see all of the intricate designs that came from each one? That activity that you did while growing up is something that you can apply to a child’s present today with the help of some brown paper, some colorful construction paper and also a bit of twine. A website that can walk you through the creative process is Go to the site and put “5-pointed paper snowflakes” in the search field. Once you scroll down, you’ll see how to turn a snowflake into holiday wrapping.

Decorate a brown paper bag. Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer is one of the most beloved characters of Christmas. One way that you can incorporate him into the holiday season is by taking a brown paper bag and decorating it to make it look like Rudolph. You won’t need any wrapping paper or ribbons. Just make some eyes and a snout out of construction paper and add some brown chenille stems for his antlers. If you’d like his nose to really stand out, glue on a red sequin button or a small red ball.

Make some Legos. Legos are a lot of fun for children of all ages. But whether you purchased the child in your life a Lego kit or not, you can still make their present look like one big Lego. If you’re a bit pressed for time, that’s OK. You can complete this project in just a matter of minutes. For a full set of instructions, visit and put “letgo my lego” in the search field.

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