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How to Create a Backyard Playground for Your Kids

Whether you have a newborn or children who are elementary school age, as a parent, you are constantly looking for how to do things that will benefit your kids. Well, if you want to provide them with something that will offer years of fun and physical activity, how about building them a playground?

Sure, you could hire a professional company to come out and create one for you, but if you would like some tips on how to do it yourself, here are five that will give you the kind of results that you are looking for.

Choose an ideal space. You probably don’t want your entire backyard to be a playground for your children. That’s why the first thing that you should do is designate an ideal space. It needs to be one that’s on level ground. It also needs to be one that is where you can look directly outside of at least one of your home’s windows to see what’s going on.

Get the best equipment. When you’re looking for the equipment to put on the playground, make sure that it’s safe, age-appropriate and has great reviews. As far as how much you should get, just keep in mind that if you have too much, it can make your backyard appear cluttered. A swing set, slide and a playhouse may be just enough. For tips on how to choose the right play set, visit Good Housekeeping and put “backyard play set advice” in the search field. As far as playhouses, you can go to Walmart or Wayfair to buy a kit or you can build one yourself. For tips on how to build one, visit DIY and put “build a deluxe playhouse” in the search field.

Add some safety features. Kids tend to do a lot of falling and tumbling around in the backyard. To prevent them from hurting themselves, add some safety features. That will help to better absorb falls and keep them from experiencing any broken bones. The best type of safety features are rubber mulch or foam padding. Just make sure to put it down 5-6 feet away from every playground feature that you have.

Add some natural features as well. If you were to speak with someone who works at a company like Playground Equipment Sydney about something else that would be a nice touch for your playground, they might recommend also adding some natural features like a sandbox and some climbing rocks. If you want to make your own sandbox, visit This Old House and put “how to build a sandbox” in the search field.

Build a fence around everything. The final step to completing your playground is to build a fence around it. It will give your backyard more privacy, and it’s an additional way to keep your kids safe. Wooden fences are nice to look at but if you live in a humid climate, they might require more maintenance than you would like. On the other hand, vinyl and aluminum require very little upkeep. If you would like to build your own fence, The Handyman and DIY Network can assist you. Go to either site and put “build a fence” in the search field.

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