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How to Teach Your Toddler to Swim


It is important to teach kids to swim. In fact, you want to teach your children how to swim when they are toddlers – the earlier the better. The truth of the matter is that babies naturally know how to swim. If you put them in water, they will move their hands and feet around and swim naturally. It is critical ... Read More »

5 Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Math Grades


The truth of the matter is that math can be difficult for anyone. For children, however, math can be exceptionally challenging. In fact, many polls point out that math is the most difficult subject for children – more than reading or science. However, learning and becoming comfortable with math is incredibly important. This is especially the case during your child’s ... Read More »

How to Create a Backyard Playground for Your Kids


Whether you have a newborn or children who are elementary school age, as a parent, you are constantly looking for how to do things that will benefit your kids. Well, if you want to provide them with something that will offer years of fun and physical activity, how about building them a playground? Sure, you could hire a professional company ... Read More »

Fun Pottery Painting Party Ideas for Kids


Kids love to get crafty, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to deal with the outrageous mess that will likely result from a children’s party that involves making pottery. Although kids will almost certainly enjoy mucking about with clay, you don’t want to raise the ire of parents by sending kids home with clay on their clothes, in their ... Read More »

The Best Dog Breeds for Families With Young Children

Maltese-Shihtzu puppy

When it comes to expanding your family to include man’s best friend, you naturally want to find a dog that’s going to be a good fit for the whole family. And when you have young kids, this is even more important. For one thing, you obviously want to ensure the safety of your children, and regardless of what people say ... Read More »

5 Food Planning Tips for a Child’s Birthday Party

Kids birthday party - 5yr 2yr 030

One of the best things about being the parent of a young son or daughter is that, each year, you get the opportunity to celebrate them by throwing a birthday party. And while planning a birthday party tends to consist of so many details, one of the most important things on the list should be deciding what kind of food ... Read More »

Attractive New Uniforms Made Fun For Kids

The Nurse Practitioner Will See You Now

You have probably heard the old saying, “health is wealth.” Every parent wants their children to be happy and healthy. So, when there is a concern, it is a good idea to get seen by a medical professional. However, going to the doctor is not very much fun. For parents and children alike, there is a lot of apprehension  that ... Read More »

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