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How to Get Pesky Food Stains Out of Your Kid’s Clothing

If you have a child, there is a good chance that you spend most of your time cleaning up. This is especially the case if you have a young child that is just getting used to eating solid foods. If that is the case, you may be spending a lot of time trying to remove stains from your child’s clothing. When it comes down to it, some food stains can be impossible to remove. At least that’s what you think. The truth is that you may not have to keep throwing out your child’s clothing. Here is how to get pesky food stains out of your kid’s clothing.

Dab out the stain. When you see a stain, you don’t want to scrub – you want to dab. When you scrub, you are literally pushing the stain further into the fabric. When you dab, you are lifting the stain out. You may not get everything with a few dabs, but you will get most of the liquid or food that is causing the stain.

Soak the stain. After you dab the stain, you want to soak the stain. This will require leaving the article of clothing in the sink with a soap and water mixture. You want to soak the article of clothing for about thirty minutes. Soaking will literally release the stain so that it doesn’t set or mix further into the fabric. You can even use a safe stain fighting detergent to increase the chances that the stain leaves the fabric – without any residue.

Throw the clothing into the wash. After you soak, you want to throw the article of clothing into the washing machine. Why take all those previous steps? If you throw the article of clothing in the washing machine without dabbing or soaking, you could increase the chances of the stain spreading. It could also spread onto other clothing items. When you wash the clothing, you want to set it on a cold/hot setting. The hot water will bring the stain out and the cold will prevent the stain from setting.

Take the clothing to a professional Laundromat. If the stain is still set deep in the clothing, you probably want to take the item of clothing to a professional laundry mat, likeTime To Wash Laundromat and Organic Dry Cleaning. It can often be better to take kids clothing to organic dry cleaning establishments -because they use safer cleaners and they don’t have such a big impact on the environment. When it comes down to it, a professional laundry mat will be able to successfully remove the toughest of stains.

Don’t dry clothing with stains. It is also important to remember that if you are washing clothing with stains, you don’t want to throw the article of clothing into the dryer. The hot dry air can actually cause the stain to set. Ideally, you want to air dry. In the end, you may have to wash an article of clothing a few times before the stain is completely removed.

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