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5 Helpful Birthday Party Planning Tips for Busy Moms


As a busy mom, planning a birthday party can seem like an impossible mission. Not only do you have to help your son or daughter invite his or her friends, you also have to think about the entertainment, the music, the party props, tables and chairs, the venue and much more. At the end of the day, it can make you want ... Read More »

After 40 Mins, Baby Rescued From Locked Vehicle

We have all heard that a mother’s love know no limits. There are herculean stories of mother’s acts to overcome strength, hardship or adversity for their child. For many great mothers, there is nothing more motivating than to provide for their family. But, what happens when mom isn’t around? Here’s a story of the power of women. Despite other people ... Read More »

5 Life Insurance Shopping Tips for the Single Mom

Vanessa's Sunshine!!! Emilía.

If you’re a single mom, you are certainly not alone. In fact, according to many published reports, there are more than 12 million single-parent homes and over 80 percent of them are headed up by single mothers. So, being that you are the one who is responsible for providing so much of what your children need, it’s important that you ... Read More »

5 Ways for Parents to Nurture Their Gifted Preschoolers

First day of preschool

If after a few tests and a couple of discussions with your child’s teacher, it has been discovered that your son or daughter is gifted, congratulations! That can be a really exciting time. However, as you’ve probably already come to realize, what this also means is that your child is going to need a bit of extra nurturing so that ... Read More »

Child Birthday Party Planning Basics for Moms

Some of the most special times in any child’s life is when they are approaching their birthday. Not only does it represent entering a new year of growth and development, but it’s also an opportunity for them to celebrate those milestones with their family and friends. So, if you have a little one who is about to turn a year ... Read More »

The Baby Checklist for New Moms

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Being a first time mother brings a lot of excitement. But, it also comes with anxieties and doubts particularly when it comes to preparing baby essentials. If you are also a new mom who has the same kinds of worries, the baby checklist below would give you the help that you need: Clothing – A newborn would need some vital ... Read More »

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