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How To Make Your Home Safe When Bringing Home A New Baby

If you’ve just recently had a baby, currently pregnant or trying to be — it’s obviously and exciting and emotionally exhausting time in your life.

However, between painting walls, buying tiny clothes, crib shopping and receiving baby gifts, securing your home to be baby-protected is often overlooked. Before bringing your bundle of joy home, it’s important that you dedicate time to ensure your baby’s new environment is safe.

To get you started during your baby-safe brainstorming, take a look at the suggestions below to help guide you in your thinking:

Install proper home security

If you haven’t already, hiring a viable home security company, such as ADT Charlotte, is imperative to your peace of mind and family’s safety. Between the threat of carbon monoxide, fire and home intruders, now that you do have a family, it’s time to insure their wellbeing in the face of impending danger. Instead of reacting from a home emergency, act before one endures. A simple phone call and security installation can be the difference of having a family, and not having one.

Electrical sockets

A baby’s mind is like a sponge, soaking in information about the new world they’ve just entered at every moment. Well, you know what is sure to grab the curiosity of your little one? Electrical sockets. Eager to investigate every nook and cranny inside your home, electrical sockets appear to be the perfect place to stick their fingers in. With most electrical sockets low to ground, this gives newborns easy access to explore their world—and potentially harm them from electrical shock

Visit your home appliance store, navigate through your entire home, and make sure all electrical sockets are blocked from curious little fingers.

Baby-free zones

Before you know it, your baby will be on all fours crawling wherever their mommy and daddy let them. It’s your responsibility to set up baby gates so that he or she doesn’t go up or down stairs and is away from all potentially harmful household items, animals or hazardous material. The same goes for blocking pools, tubs and toilets, etc.

Video surveillance and baby monitors

You can’t be there for your baby each and every second. By installing video surveillance or buying a baby monitor, you have the chance to experience peace of mind and do everyday household duties such as, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc., will keep a close eye and ear on your baby.


If you and your significant other enjoy electronic devices or home entertainment, chances are you have plenty of streaming wires, hanging cords, or jumbled cables all throughout the house. If so, you may want to consider going wireless all together; albeit more expensive, your baby will no longer be at risk of getting him or herself tangled or possibly choke.

Securing windows

Your baby will quickly pick up how ordinary household things work, such as how to open up windows and doors. With this in mind, it’s essential that you install baby safe locks on windows and doors throughout the entire home. This goes especially vital for parents living on high-rise buildings, multiple story homes and nearby busy roads.

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