Fun Pottery Painting Party Ideas for Kids

P6090014Kids love to get crafty, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to deal with the outrageous mess that will likely result from a children’s party that involves making pottery. Although kids will almost certainly enjoy mucking about with clay, you don’t want to raise the ire of parents by sending kids home with clay on their clothes, in their hair, and everywhere else. That said, you can host a party where guests will get creative decorating already made pottery pieces. Each child will end up with a personal project to take home, the party will have built-in entertainment, and there’s bound to be a lot less mess to deal with all around when you simply host a pottery painting party for your kids and their friends rather than allowing them to work with clay. Here are a few fun ideas to kick off a unique children’s party.

The first thing to think about is what types of pottery you want your kids to paint. Plates and mugs are often the easiest, especially for younger kids. And there are a variety of ways that children of all ages can personalize dinnerware. For example, small kids can stamp their handprints on plates and mugs to memorialize their tiny digits forever in paint. Or you can let them grab hold of paint brushes and get abstract with scribbles and swirls. Older kids can get more complex with their creative pursuits, painting family portraits, writing their names if they’re able, and even using stencils and stamps to cover their pieces in painted designs.

You could also let the kids create decorative figurines or holiday ornaments. When finished, these tchotchkes could be placed in kids’ rooms, given as gifts to relatives or friends, or stored until the holidays roll around each year. They can be painted for different holidays or seasons or made to be displayed on an everyday basis. Either way, kids will have fun creating their own unique ornaments to keep for themselves or give to loved ones.

Of course, your pottery painting party will include more than just painting. Aside from entertainment you’ll need to provide snacks of some sort, and here you can use the painting theme to your advantage. For example, you could provide cupcakes along with various colors of frosting and other toppings (sprinkles, for example) laid out in a sort of palette so that kids can decorate and eat their own treats, provided they’re old enough to participate. And while the painted pottery provides a built-in party favor for kids, you might also consider themed favors like palettes of watercolors for guests to take home for continued crafting fun.

The only thing left to consider, then, is whether you want to host a paint your own pottery party at home or if you’d like to arrange to have it at a commercial facility. There are plenty of places that offer kids opportunities for painting pottery, and many have party packages just for children’s parties. It may cost you less to host at home, but you’ll have a lot more mess to deal with. So for the sake of simplicity, you might want to find a pottery painting business that offers children’s party packages.

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