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Unexpected Things You Can Do While Pregnant


Sorry, mommy, you’ll have stick with the guac and ditch the margaritas, say sayonara to the California roll and aloha to the cereal bowl, and shelve the surfboard for the next endless summer—you’re pregnant. But don’t think your new baby bump is a symbol of every thing that once was. Take a peak through these ordinary suggestions for a revised ... Read More »

What are the Best Months to Conceive


The decision of when to conceive is a very personal one. You may want to give birth in a certain month to reach a personal milestone, or you may want to avoid being pregnant during extreme weather. Maybe you just want to give birth in the same month you were born. Regardless of your reasons, this decision will be up ... Read More »

5 Helpful Baby Laundry Tips for First-Time Parents

Thrifted vintage baby jacket

When you become a parent for the first time, experiences aren’t only new for your newborn, but for you as well. This means that you’re constantly learning the best things to do for your little one – from incorporating sleeping and eating times, to figuring out what their nursery needs, to learning how to wash their clothing. Doing research on ... Read More »

Very Cool First Birthday For Babies And Family

Eden's 1st Birthday

Anytime someone we know makes it on TV, it’s pretty cool. Whether it’s through local news channel or a larger network, it’s fun and exciting. So is having a baby. Well, put the two together what do you get? Babies being born on live television on the Today Show. That was just about year ago on September 23, 2013… Now, ... Read More »

Hospital Study Reveals Having Single Rooms Impacts Infant Health


For most mothers, having a baby is a very happy, exciting event. There are some apprehensive feelings and anxiety about the whole pregnancy process. But, most mothers want a healthy baby, whether it’s a boy or girl. To ensure the best care for the child, parents-to-be seek out the most highly ranked fertility clinics, physicians, hospitals and healthcare services. Some ... Read More »

Best Parents Bribe Babies At The Barber Shop

First Haircut & not happy about it

The first trip any barbershop is probably not memorable for baby. It’s probably memorable for a parent because it’s cute and fun. After all, it is the first haircut. But, for some reason, every subsequent haircut for the next few years seems to get worse and worse. So, what do the best parents really do for a baby haircut? The ... Read More »

Unique Names for Baby Boys

Matthew Alexander

Having a baby is something that many, if not all parents really get ready for. One of the most crucial parts of the preparation is to decide on a name for the awaited little angel. Naturally, parents would want the most special and unique name for their beloved baby and choosing one can really be a challenge. So, if you ... Read More »

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