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The Best Dog Breeds for Young Children

family dog can often complete the nuclear dynamic of a family structure. Studies show that pets can make families happier and closer. Could a dog be the secret to bringing your family closer together? Before you pick up a puppy, however, you want to do your research about different dog breeds. Some breeds are better for families than others. This is especially important if you have kids. Not only do you want a dog that can connect with your family, but you also want to make sure that you find a dog breed that is safe for children. Small dog breeds are often not good for kids, because they can get nippy. Here are some of the best dog breeds for young children.

English Bulldog. English Bulldogs are the perfect size and they have the perfect temperament for young children. They are medium sized, so you don’t need to worry about them knocking your child over. They also have an incredibly sweet temperament, which is important around a rambunctious child. You may want to visit Ron’s Puppies to see if any English Bulldogs are in stock – they are quite adorable as puppies.

Collie. These dogs were made famous by Lassie – perhaps the most famous Collie of all time. Collies were originally bred for herding cattle and sheep, so you can expect them to be protective of your children. Collies are also incredibly smart and easy to train, so you don’t need to worry about long periods of housebreaking – going through that process while at the same time going through the process of potty-training your young child can be quite stressful. Collies are so smart that they pretty much train themselves, but you still want to create a positive and negative reward system to ensure that their natural instincts kick into gear.

Newfoundland. In some countries, they allow Newfoundlands to actually baby sit children. While you shouldn’t leave your child in the care of a dog, this is a testament to this breed’s amazing ability to be kind and nurturing with young children. They may be enormous – Newfoundlands are one of the biggest dog breeds – but what you will find is that they are gentle giants that want to snuggle and play all day long.

Vizsla. This is a dog breed that goes back hundreds of years. They were mainly bred as hunting and companion dogs Hungary. If you were a Hungarian hunter in the 1700s, there is a good chance that you would have a Vizsla by your side. Today, however, Vizslas are incredibly good dogs for young children, because they are calm, intelligent and incredibly loyal.

Poodle. Many people think that poodles belong to the rich and famous, but underneath all that fanciness, they are simply curly dogs that want to have fun and play. Plus, their fur is hypoallergenic, which is perfect for young children with allergies and breathing issues. When it comes down to it, these dogs don’t need to be groomed the way you see them in magazines and photos. In fact, they look great just the way they are.

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