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Unexpected Things You Can Do While Pregnant

Sorry, mommy, you’ll have stick with the guac and ditch the margaritas, say sayonara to the California roll and aloha to the cereal bowl, and shelve the surfboard for the next endless summer—you’re pregnant.

But don’t think your new baby bump is a symbol of every thing that once was. Take a peak through these ordinary suggestions for a revised list of things probably didn’t know you have while pregnant.

Because whether you’re attempting to have a baby, currently pregnant or in the midst of an in vitro fertilization procedure—being yourself is what’s important:

Grind away

You may have already said a fond farewell to your beloved morning cup of caffeine, but think again. According to a recent study founded by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, low volumes of caffeine-beverages are safe for impending mommies. No more than 200 mg per day, or approximately one cup of coffee, is what’s advised for safe consumption. And to think just when you were too exhausted to start another day of pregnancy-fatigue, you get a small ray of hope in the form of a tiny dark bean.

Chocolate lovers, come on in

If you didn’t get the memo, chocolate is good for you! Okay, a little chocolate is. Thanks to a recent preliminary analysis at Yale, it was found that pregnant women who eat chocolate have a significant lower risk of developing the potentially life threatening illness, pre-eclampsia, characterized by complications due to high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Sweat it out

Don’t think that your pregnancy is an entitlement to sit on your bum all day watching movies and eating. Regular exercise is vital to a healthy delivery, so tie up the laces for a brisk walk or light swim and reap the benefits of lower stress, increased mood and overall health. Keep in mind, however, that strenuous activity such as long distance running, weight lifting, skiing, ballet, hot yoga, etc. can potentially lead to numerous health complications for you and your baby. Stick to low impact exercise and aerobic activities for no more than one hour a day, five days a week.

Relax. Being intimate is okay…

May be you’re not in the mood, or may be you feel just a tad insecure, but non-strenuous sexual intercourse is a healthy activity for you mentally and physically. And if there is one thing you don’t have to worry about, it’s trying to get, or not get, pregnant. Sex during pregnancy is beneficial for a number of reasons, such as increased blood flow to the pelvic region, lowered blood pressure and a stronger connection between you and your partner.

Runaway for the day, or the week

Albeit exciting, pregnancy can also be intimating and stress educing. To keep your mind off of things, pack up your bags and fly to your preferred destination. Relaxation is key for you during this time, and being as though your newborn will be a lot take on, it could be your last chance for while to have some free time for yourself.

Remember though, if you do choose to travel, make sure it’s before at least 36 weeks (or 28 weeks which is the preferred time for most airlines) of your pregnancy to avoid health complications.

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