After 40 Mins, Baby Rescued From Locked Vehicle

We have all heard that a mother’s love know no limits. There are herculean stories of mother’s acts to overcome strength, hardship or adversity for their child. For many great mothers, there is nothing more motivating than to provide for their family. But, what happens when mom isn’t around? Here’s a story of the power of women. Despite other people ... Read More »

Very Cool First Birthday For Babies And Family

Eden's 1st Birthday

Anytime someone we know makes it on TV, it’s pretty cool. Whether it’s through local news channel or a larger network, it’s fun and exciting. So is having a baby. Well, put the two together what do you get? Babies being born on live television on the Today Show. That was just about year ago on September 23, 2013… Now, ... Read More »

5 Food Planning Tips for a Child’s Birthday Party

Kids birthday party - 5yr 2yr 030

One of the best things about being the parent of a young son or daughter is that, each year, you get the opportunity to celebrate them by throwing a birthday party. And while planning a birthday party tends to consist of so many details, one of the most important things on the list should be deciding what kind of food ... Read More »

Hospital Study Reveals Having Single Rooms Impacts Infant Health


For most mothers, having a baby is a very happy, exciting event. There are some apprehensive feelings and anxiety about the whole pregnancy process. But, most mothers want a healthy baby, whether it’s a boy or girl. To ensure the best care for the child, parents-to-be seek out the most highly ranked fertility clinics, physicians, hospitals and healthcare services. Some ... Read More »

Best Parents Bribe Babies At The Barber Shop

First Haircut & not happy about it

The first trip any barbershop is probably not memorable for baby. It’s probably memorable for a parent because it’s cute and fun. After all, it is the first haircut. But, for some reason, every subsequent haircut for the next few years seems to get worse and worse. So, what do the best parents really do for a baby haircut? The ... Read More »

Attractive New Uniforms Made Fun For Kids

The Nurse Practitioner Will See You Now

You have probably heard the old saying, “health is wealth.” Every parent wants their children to be happy and healthy. So, when there is a concern, it is a good idea to get seen by a medical professional. However, going to the doctor is not very much fun. For parents and children alike, there is a lot of apprehension  that ... Read More »

The Best Dog Breeds for Young Children


A family dog can often complete the nuclear dynamic of a family structure. Studies show that pets can make families happier and closer. Could a dog be the secret to bringing your family closer together? Before you pick up a puppy, however, you want to do your research about different dog breeds. Some breeds are better for families than others. This is ... Read More »

5 Life Insurance Shopping Tips for the Single Mom

Vanessa's Sunshine!!! Emilía.

If you’re a single mom, you are certainly not alone. In fact, according to many published reports, there are more than 12 million single-parent homes and over 80 percent of them are headed up by single mothers. So, being that you are the one who is responsible for providing so much of what your children need, it’s important that you ... Read More »

5 Ways for Parents to Nurture Their Gifted Preschoolers

First day of preschool

If after a few tests and a couple of discussions with your child’s teacher, it has been discovered that your son or daughter is gifted, congratulations! That can be a really exciting time. However, as you’ve probably already come to realize, what this also means is that your child is going to need a bit of extra nurturing so that ... Read More »

5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a New Family Pet

Thanksgiving_27Nov2008_ 066

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet for you and your family, that’s a really great idea. Not only does a pet bring a lot of love into a home, but if you happen to have children, it can also help to teach them core principles like sharing, compassion and being a responsible individual too. While you could pick ... Read More »

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