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Deciding What to Wear for Holiday Family Photos

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If one of your favorite things about the holidays is being able to take family photos with your loved ones, then this is a good article for you to check out. The reason why is because aside from choosing a great photographer for your holiday family photos, the next important decision that you have to make concerning the pictures is deciding what everyone should wear.

If you’d like a few tips on how to select the kind of outfits that will make your pictures full of holiday cheer without looking too dated (or cheesy), here are five awesome tips for you to consider:

Opt for dark or holiday colors. Although you are certainly free to wear whatever color you wish, here is something to keep in mind. Typically, when it comes to light hues, they are associated with spring and summer while darker colors are reserved for the fall and winter seasons. That’s not to say that everyone should wear black or brown in the pictures. All this means is that rich or neutral tones with a pop of color are always nice. Or you can go with holiday jewel tone colors like rich red, yellows, and greens.

Decide if you want to be dressy or casual. If you’re planning on taking a formal holiday family photo, your Sunday best is probably going to be the most appropriate. But if you’d prefer to take shots of your kids playing in the show, then a more casual approach definitely makes the most sense. So, as you’re putting more thought into what everyone should wear, definitely think about if you want your family to be dressy or casual.

Make sure everyone coordinates. You don’t want your entire family to look like identical twins; therefore, it’s not the best idea for everyone to match one another. However, it is smart that they coordinate. For instance, if you’re planning on taking some casual pictures, making sure that everyone has on dark denim jeans and an earth tone sweater can provide a nice symmetry without looking too uniformed.

Take some with outerwear. Say that you planned on hiring a professional photographer from a studio like Alyssa Albers Photography to take some holiday family portraits, and you asked them for a couple of suggestions on how you and your family can decide what to wear. One of the things that they might tell you is if you plan on taking some outdoor candid shots, that everyone should have on some really nice outerwear. Again, while the coats don’t have to match, do make sure that the hues all complement one another and that the hats, scarves, and gloves (or mittens) blend in well together, too.

Consider taking some with pajamas, too. Who said that holiday family photos have to be traditional? If you’d prefer to take pictures indoors or in a professional studio, something else that you can do is have everyone put on some festive pajamas. It’s the kind of look that grandparents and close friends will enjoy seeing when they get their Christmas card in the mail this year! One website that sells Christmas-themed pajamas for people of all ages is Pajama Gram. Just go to the site and click on the Christmas link at the top of the page.

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