Very Cool First Birthday For Babies And Family

Anytime someone we know makes it on TV, it’s pretty cool. Whether it’s through local news channel or a larger network, it’s fun and exciting. So is having a baby. Well, put the two together what do you get? Babies being born on live television on the Today Show. That was just about year ago on September 23, 2013…

Eden's 1st Birthday

Now, that it is one year later, the show decided to invite all the parents back for the one year birthday of all the newborns featured just one year ago. Most parents try to make their child’s first birthday special. But, this is just really cool!

All the parents and kids were featured on the show and ABC’s website with their names and a small bio. In total, there were 8 babies. They all made the guest appearance, wobbling around and playing with a wide variety of baby toys.

Hey, at just one year old, these kids already have been on TV and published online by a major network. When they get older, they’ll always have this to look back on. And for the parents, it is a great memory too. It will be pretty hard to beat nationalized television after the first birthday.

Perhaps, for the their second birthday party, they can do a live radio show or something just to gradually bring it down to normal. Some how, I think the usual princess party theme just isn’t enough yet. These kids are special. Maybe, ABC will bring them back on their 13th and 21st birthdays too?

Either way, this was a very cool first birthday. Please send us any cool baby birthday’s you have encountered in the past. We would love to share the story.

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