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Unique Names for Baby Boys

Having a baby is something that many, if not all parents really get ready for. One of the most crucial parts of the preparation is to decide on a name for the awaited little angel. Naturally, parents would want the most special and unique name for their beloved baby and choosing one can really be a challenge.

So, if you happen to be expecting a baby boy this year, here are some unique names you may want him to have:

  • Keller – This refers to a German occupational surname dedicated for those who were store or cellar masters. Keller would make a fresh and trendy choice fitting for the two-syllable and ‘er’-ending naming pattern for boys.
  • Kellan – This Irish name is taken from actor Kellan Lutz, Twilight Saga’s ‘Emmett Cullen’. As a character’s name of a phenomenal sequel that has drawn audiences worldwide, Kellan is expected to top baby boy name preferences this year.
  • Jax – A shortening of the famous name Jaxon or Jackson, this was originally derived from a soap opera character but has gotten more prominence as  the leading character of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Jackson “Jax” Teller. This would make another great choice for your baby boy.
  • Magnus – Taken from a powerful royal Swedish appellation which means ‘great’, this is predicted to be an upcoming favorite baby boy name. This has also been picked by famous personalities such as Will Ferrell, Kirsty Swanson, and Elizabeth Banks for their sons. Dream of having a powerful son someday? Get this name today!
  • Milton – Once considered as an upper-class British surname, this name was also used by John Milton who was a great poet of his time. Having quite a unique appeal, this name is set to make it to the top this 2013.
  •  Otis – This cool sounding name makes one remember Otis Redding and his bluesy voice. It can also be linked to huge society figures such as the renowned publisher Otis Chandler. This name’s vibrant ‘O’-beginning with its touch of spunk is foreseen to hit the charts this year.

So, have you made a choice yet?

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