5 Tips for Planning a Pottery Painting Party for Kids

Pottery MakingIf your child has an upcoming birthday, you may want to try a bit of a unique approach when it comes to planning the festivities and one idea to give all your guests a really fun time is hosting a pottery painting party. If a pottery painting party isn’t something that you’re familiar with, here are five tips that can help you to deliver a memorable pottery painting party for kids:

Find a pottery shop that hosts children. Although it would certainly be awesome if all pottery shops accommodated kids, that’s not automatically the case. So, before doing anything else, take out a couple of hours to seek out the ones in your area that hosts children. Let them know how many children you plan on bringing and also ask what the fee is for utilizing their space. It also doesn’t hurt to know if they have a room available that can be exclusively used by you and your party.

Request a couple of instructors to assist. Even if you are a pottery expert, it can be pretty challenging to try and keep up with lots of children in one room who are trying to use the pottery wheel or paint their final products. That’s why another thing that you should request is to have a couple of professional instructors available to assist that day. They might charge you more money but having the extra support will make it well worth it.

Inquire about decorating and serving cake on the premises. You might assume that once you find a pottery place that lets you hold a birthday party that it goes without saying that you can bring along some decorations, cake and party food. However, being that all of that stuff has to be cleaned up one the party ends, not all establishments will. For this reason, this is another thing that you should inquire about beforehand.

Purchase some smocks for the children. Pottery parties are loads of fun. They also tend to be pretty messy too. So, make sure to put an insert inside of the invitation that requests that the kids wear clothing that their parents don’t mind getting dirty. Also, purchase some smocks that are small enough for children too. Oriental Trading is one website that sells them in multiple colors at a really affordable price. For more information, visit Oriental Trading and put “child’s aprons” in the search field.

Consider hosting one at home. Another approach to a pottery painting party is to host one from the convenience of your own home. Although initially it might seem a bit overwhelming, there are actually mobile companies in a lot of cities that will bring their pottery painting tools to you. One that happens to be in the Bay City area in California is PainterlyPottery.com. To find one in your area, go to your favorite search engine and put “pottery party at home” along with your city and state in the search field. If there isn’t a mobile company where you live, you might want to ask some local pottery shops how much they charge for an instructor to come to your house. You also might find some additional leads by going online and visiting the Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association. The website is CCSAOnline.com. Happy party planning!

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