Parenting Styles for Smart Kids

smart kids

No doubt, parenting can be quite a tough job. Parents are exposed to the challenge of rearing their children the most proper way. They are tasked to help and guide children throughout their young lives in order to grow as responsible adults. Anything less or wrong when it comes to guiding the little ones may already have a huge impact ... Read More »

Ideas for Your Family Portrait

Smith Family

Family photos seal valuable memories shared between one’s dearest loved ones. And for this reason, family portraits have acquired a special part in the lives of many families for the longest time now. So, whether you are a mother, a father, or a child, it is important for you to see the value of a family portrait. To ensure that ... Read More »

A Father’s Rights to His New Child

new father

           Way back in 2009, the U.S. Census Bureau showed that only 17.4% of primary or custodial parents in the country were men. This statistics meant that for every 100 couples who ended up getting divorced, only 17 men were granted full custody of their children. From these numbers, it can be inferred that fathers’ rights ... Read More »

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