Ideas for Your Family Portrait

Smith FamilyFamily photos seal valuable memories shared between one’s dearest loved ones. And for this reason, family portraits have acquired a special part in the lives of many families for the longest time now. So, whether you are a mother, a father, or a child, it is important for you to see the value of a family portrait.

To ensure that these special photos only showcase the best moments featuring your loved ones, here are some bright ideas you may want to incorporate in your photography sessions:

For Babies

  • Given that babies usually do not like being put down, it would be better for parents to hold their babies as shots are taken.
  • Engaging infants in peek-a-boo games can also help encourage them to let out a spontaneous smile or laugh for the camera to capture.
  • No longer attempt to get posed shots as they may be impossible to get. You can simply take pictures as your baby goes about his or her usual activities.

For Toddlers

  • Older children would want you to get involved with their adventures. You can play with them while taking continuous shots to capture them in action.
  • You may want to invest in some little props your kids may find interesting to play with. These will add more color and interest to your photos.
  • Get shots of your toddlers from their own level. Taking pictures from your end looking down would make them look insignificant. You may want to squat or get down on your knees instead.

For Group Photos

  • Pictures involving a few members of the family (parents with children, grannies with grand kids, etc.) can be taken candidly or formally.
  • It would pay to find a good location that would add more interest to each picture
  • Make good use of your camera’s flash and the rest of its features to capture remarkable family photos

Overall, it is a joy for many to capture the love and the wonderful bond that families share through photos. So as you can see, family portraits are indeed worth the time, money, and effort that each of you put into them.

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