Best Parents Bribe Babies At The Barber Shop

First Haircut & not happy about itThe first trip any barbershop is probably not memorable for baby. It’s probably memorable for a parent because it’s cute and fun. After all, it is the first haircut. But, for some reason, every subsequent haircut for the next few years seems to get worse and worse. So, what do the best parents really do for a baby haircut?

The best parents actually right their kids with the lollipops. Yes, candy is a fair trade for sitting still and letting some stranger touch your babies’ head. However, some may disagree.

They say that the best parents never bribe their children. However, children haircut salons and barbershops have embraced bribery to get kids to stay still. As a result, lollipops become synonymous with haircuts. That’s because it works.

For those of you who are not parents, you can criticize and ridicule that bribery is bad. However, when every haircut becomes increasingly more difficult and a simple lollipop does the trick, might change your mind. Guess what? In almost all cases, the barber would agree too.

There are also two more parties that will thank you for a quiet child. Everyone else in the barbershop will be happy to avoid your child’s running around and screaming. And lastly, your child will be happy for about 15 minutes while getting a haircut.

So, if you’re taking your baby for their first haircut, enjoy it. For every haircut after that, make sure lollipops are nearby. You will need them. They are win-win for everyone. If all else fails, try some tips for getting your child to stay still.

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