5 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Baby Shower Registry

Baby Shower!One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is when they find out that they are expecting a baby. And although there is something that is so precious about bringing new life into this world, without question, it is also a huge responsibility; one that you should do all that you can to prepare for before the little one arrives.

If you happen to be pregnant, one way that you can get ready for the birth of your baby is by having a baby shower which consists of having a gift registry in place. That way, you can get a lot of what you want for your baby, but even more importantly, most of the things that you will need.

If you’ve never had your own gift registry before and you’d like some tips on what you should know about creating one, we’ve enclosed our top five tips below:

Be clear on what you need. Here’s something that a lot of first-time moms discover after the fact: your newborn is going to spend more time in onesies than pretty much anything else for the first couple of months of their life. So, rather than asking for a lot of clothes that they are going to grow out of seemingly overnight, opt instead to get more practical items. Thanks to websites like Baby Center, Today’s Parent and Nurture Center, you can look at an extensive list of what your baby will need so that you can register for them. Just go to one of the sites and put “newborn checklist” in the search field.

Register at more than one store. Sometimes people only select one or two stores to register with. The challenge with this is not only does it limit the buyer’s options but sometimes it makes it inconvenient for them to go and get the items (for instance, if the closest Target to them is 30 minutes away). For this reason, try and list 3-4 stores. It will make things easier on the shoppers.

Ask for clothes that are six months and up. If your child has grandparents and aunts and uncles, that alone will have them in all of the clothes that they will need, probably through their first year. So on your registry, request for clothes to be no less than 6-9 months. Also, keep the seasons in mind. You don’t want a super cute coat in the size that your child will be during the peak of summer.

List your due date as 2-3 weeks prior to your actual due date. When you’re putting down the due date of your registry, try and list it as 2-3 weeks prior to the one that your doctor gave you. The reason why is when stores and manufacturers are alerted to the fact that you are expecting, they will send you promotional items and discounts; ones that can prove to be really helpful right before the baby arrives.

Check your registry periodically. Whether you’re registered at Babies ‘R Us or a website like KidzNStyle.com , one thing that you should do every couple of weeks leading up to your baby shower is check the registry just to make sure that items you asked aren’t sold out or haven’t been discontinued. If they have, substitute them with something else. This way, you can know exactly what to expect once the time for your baby shower officially arrives.

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