Attractive New Uniforms Made Fun For Kids

The Nurse Practitioner Will See You NowYou have probably heard the old saying, “health is wealth.” Every parent wants their children to be happy and healthy. So, when there is a concern, it is a good idea to get seen by a medical professional. However, going to the doctor is not very much fun.

For parents and children alike, there is a lot of apprehension  that arises from visiting a hospital or doctor’s office. Think about it, to kids, doctors are pretty scary! Between the sterile waiting rooms, big white lab coats and foreign instruments in the examination room, not many people are comfortable in a medical setting.

The first person you usually meet is the receptionist. While his or her demeanor can have an impact on your visit, it is usually the nurse that will make the biggest difference. Especially for the kids, a nurse may provide special attention and care that can make the child feel more comfortable.

In addition to a helpful personality, many caring nurses wear fun pediatric uniforms. These scrubs have fun prints that children find more attractive and relate-able. The design of the top may spark interest, conversation or an overall comfortable environment.

For the parents, a fun uniform says that the nurse really cares about her job and the kids she works with. For instance, if you had a nurse wearing typical OR green scrubs versus a fun big bird print (after you’ve just finished watching Sesame Street with your 4 year old), who do you think is more approachable? Parents appreciate anyone going the extra mile for their kids.

Finally, that subtle difference of wearing a fun new uniform can completely change environment for a child. So when the doctor does coming, maybe here she will actually be greeted by a big smile, helping kids enjoy the process just a little bit (maybe more).

At the end of the day, if going to the doctor can be that much easier, that means kids will get that much more care. Parents will take them to the doctor with a little more comfort leading to healthy kids and better families.

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