Unexpected Things You Can Do While Pregnant


Sorry, mommy, you’ll have stick with the guac and ditch the margaritas, say sayonara to the California roll and aloha to the cereal bowl, and shelve the surfboard for the next endless summer—you’re pregnant. But don’t think your new baby bump is a symbol of every thing that once was. Take a peak through these ordinary suggestions for a revised ... Read More »

How To Make Your Home Safe When Bringing Home A New Baby

home safe when brining home a new baby

If you’ve just recently had a baby, currently pregnant or trying to be — it’s obviously and exciting and emotionally exhausting time in your life. However, between painting walls, buying tiny clothes, crib shopping and receiving baby gifts, securing your home to be baby-protected is often overlooked. Before bringing your bundle of joy home, it’s important that you dedicate time ... Read More »

What are the Best Months to Conceive


The decision of when to conceive is a very personal one. You may want to give birth in a certain month to reach a personal milestone, or you may want to avoid being pregnant during extreme weather. Maybe you just want to give birth in the same month you were born. Regardless of your reasons, this decision will be up ... Read More »

How to Teach Your Toddler to Swim


It is important to teach kids to swim. In fact, you want to teach your children how to swim when they are toddlers – the earlier the better. The truth of the matter is that babies naturally know how to swim. If you put them in water, they will move their hands and feet around and swim naturally. It is critical ... Read More »

5 Helpful Birthday Party Planning Tips for Busy Moms


As a busy mom, planning a birthday party can seem like an impossible mission. Not only do you have to help your son or daughter invite his or her friends, you also have to think about the entertainment, the music, the party props, tables and chairs, the venue and much more. At the end of the day, it can make you want ... Read More »

5 Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Math Grades


The truth of the matter is that math can be difficult for anyone. For children, however, math can be exceptionally challenging. In fact, many polls point out that math is the most difficult subject for children – more than reading or science. However, learning and becoming comfortable with math is incredibly important. This is especially the case during your child’s ... Read More »

How to Create a Backyard Playground for Your Kids


Whether you have a newborn or children who are elementary school age, as a parent, you are constantly looking for how to do things that will benefit your kids. Well, if you want to provide them with something that will offer years of fun and physical activity, how about building them a playground? Sure, you could hire a professional company ... Read More »

5 Helpful Baby Laundry Tips for First-Time Parents

Thrifted vintage baby jacket

When you become a parent for the first time, experiences aren’t only new for your newborn, but for you as well. This means that you’re constantly learning the best things to do for your little one – from incorporating sleeping and eating times, to figuring out what their nursery needs, to learning how to wash their clothing. Doing research on ... Read More »

How to Find a Reputable Local Child Care Professional

Comcast Cares Day 2014 in Federal Way

When it comes to choosing child care, you can’t usually go for the first name in the book. Indeed, you need to do your homework, because you can’t simply pick anyone to watch your kids while you are at work or busy conducting your life. The truth is that many child care providers are not licensed – nor are they regulated. ... Read More »

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